Software Engineering: An International Journal >>Aim & Scope

Software Engineering: An International Journal (SEIJ) is a publication for high quality and original research in the various disciplines of software engineering. Submitted papers must address important topic, the results must be reproducible and verifiable. Areas covered by the journal include:

  • Software quality and metrics
  • Software testing, verification and validation
  • Software requirement engineering
  • Software modeling, design and programming
  • Software reliability, maintenance and evolution
  • Software project management including effort estimation, cost models and schedule
  • Empirical studies covering all aspects of software engineering
  • Method engineering
  • Software reengineering
  • Component based software engineering including specification, architecture, design and verification of component models.

The journal welcomes and encourages submissions within the scope of the journal. The ideas must be important, thoroughly analyzed or empirically validated that must add value addition to software engineering research and practices.